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The Sealglide Draught Proof System
1 Eliminates draughts
2 Stops sashes rattling in high winds
3 Reduces external noise from traffic
4 Reduces airborne pollution
5 Increases the comfort areas around windows
6 Improved insulation from closing window gaps
7 Unobtrusive visually
8 Maintenance free
9 Sashes glide in operation
10 Completely enhances the operation of the window
11 Insurance backed 10 year guarantee
These are good reasons why you should choose the Sealglide Draught Proof System, the best available.
The Sealglide Draught Proof System seals all the gaps and clearances in a sash and case window not once
but twice to ensure virtually no draught penetration. The Sealglide Draught System will ensure that sashes
glide when opening and closing with the minimum effort.
The system utilises a rot proof polypropylene brush pile for maximum performance and duration. The brush
pile is fitted in a small U.P.V.C. section or carrier which is fitted into small grooves routered into the sashes,
parting beads and baton rods, as shown below. Should damage occur to the brush pile at any time, it can
be simply slid out from the carrier and new brush pile inserted.
Plan Section                  Sash & Case Sections                  Side Section

Top Sash     Bottom Sash


Top - Bottom


Brush only fitted


where bottom case
section is out of



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