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Secondary Glazing        
Elegance and style are the hallmark of our range of secondary glazing. These units will not spoil the look of
your room or take up much of your window sill space. They open for easy cleaning and offer extra security
with their  built-in Chubb locks. All our window systems come with a five year guarantee and the option of a
lifetime service option.
The main function of secondary glazing, fitted to the inside of an existing window, is to reduce external noise.
This is achieved by the air space between the existing outside window and the internal secondary window and
the thickness of the two separate panes of glass. These factors make it more effective than double glazing
when it comes to reducing noise.
An added advantage with a secondary window, is that it will prevent draughts from the existing window.
Because of the large gap between the windows, the heat insulation is provided is less than with double glazing
because there is constant convection between the spaced apart windows. Any space between two panes of
glass in excess of 20 millimetres will cause internal convection, in fact a double glazed unit with a cavity of
24 millimetres will actually provide less insulation than a double glazed unit with 20 millimetre gap. Also,
because of the internal convection between a secondary window and an existing window, some condensation
may be encountered.
For practical noise control secondary glazing is the best solution.


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